Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I made a mistake on my last post about the Zaycon chicken.   I stated the time for my quarts as 75 minutes.  I didn't make quarts,  The 75 minutes is for pints.  You have to process quart for 90 minutes.

The most important thing about canning is SAFTEY.     Read instructions carefully and follow them exactly

I'm doing beef stew tomorrow. Last years turned out great  So stay tuned for the recipe and pictures.
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Monday, June 27, 2016


Ok, I picked up my order of Zaycon chicken on Wednesday.  It was just like it was suppose to be.  We arrived at the pick up point a little early and watched the truck pull into the parking lot.  Several cars were waiting along with us.  After setting up those orange to show the customers which way to pull up to the truck, we drove up and gave the man our name. He found our box and put it in the back of our car and we were on our way home. He was very nice by the way.

The chicken breast were very cold and very big and very clean.  There were four 10 pound bags inside another bag inside the box.  After sharing with our son and daughter we had 30 pounds to can.

 I cut the chicken breast into large cubes and lightly browned them, then filled wide mouth pint jars with the chunks.  I put in one half tsp of dehydrated chicken broth and one quarter tsp of dry seasoning. Then filled the jars with boiling water.   Processing time was 75 minutes for my quarts at 11 pounds pressure.  I got 24 pints canned had enough cubes left to put three quart bags in the freezer.

They turned our great. The chicken was very tender, and fresh. I will definitely order more.
Actually the next delivery date is in October of this year.  The price as of today is about 67 dollars.  I highly recommend this company especially if you are a canner and like to buy in bulk at prices cheaper than the grocery store.
        Check them out. at

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Straight From The Garden

I have always had a fail when it comes to growing garlic. One year i lost it because all the leaves were gone and I just couldn't find where I planted it.

Last fall I put 6 garlic cloves in the ground and covered them up with rotted leaves. Then I got on line and read hundreds of articles on how to grow garlic.  Well maybe not a hundred, but close.  I learned that  you are suppose to dig it when  three or four stalks turn yellow. So today I noticed that there were some yellow stalks so I got the tater fork and dug up 6 garlic bulbs.  Not bad for a first time ever growing garlic.  The bulbs are big but there are no indentations like a garlic bulb should have, and two of the bulbs have a yellow knot on the outside the size of a marble.  Maybe I dug them too early.

The snow peas are starting to produce so I picked a couple hand fulls of them.   So today for dinner we are having snow peas and garlic.  ha.  
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Straight From The Garden

This time of year we get anxious to cook up something from
the garden, So between rains, Mr farmer was able to pull up
some green onions and cut off some black seeded simpson
lettuce. I cooked some bacon , made cornbread and opened a
jar of white beans and ham that was canned last year.

This is the kind of meal my mom use to make, good, fresh,
easy and not laden with chemicals.

                       WILTED LETTUCE

wash your leaf lettuce and tear into smaller pieces
chop the green onions and add to the lettuce
cook bacon till crisp and crumble over lettuce
heat the bacon grease until almost smoking and pour over
the lettuce, It should sizzle and pop and shrink the lettuce.
Mix all together add salt and pepper.  yum yum

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Where Have I Been

 I was told today that I haven't posted on my blog for almost a year.    Wow how time flies.

   So  here goes.  I just found out about a company that offers fresh, frozen, farm to (your car) meats.
   You order on line and pay with credit card and then pick up the product at a point close to your home. Since I'm a "canner", I decided to try them out.  I must say that the site that brought this to my attention is very reliable and the prices are cheaper than grocery stores.

The company is called . I ordered 40 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast for $75.60. I will pick up this order Wednesday, May 15th at a near by church. Straight from the farm freezer truck to my car then straight home to my canner.

So stay tuned. I will be back in a couple of weeks to show what I bought and how I process it.

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